Cat and Dog Grooming Port St. Lucie: Keep Your Pet’s Hygiene In-Check

Cat and dog grooming in Port St. Lucie is about more than keeping your pet looking its best. Good hygiene is actually an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness. However, grooming at home can come with a few challenges, especially if you have an apprehensive companion animal. At Guardian Veterinary Medical Center, we offer the grooming services your pet needs to look good and stay healthy. 

Our Cat and Dog Grooming Services in Port St. Lucie

We offer a full collection of pet hygiene services at our office. Take a closer look at a few service options we have available at our facility below.

Medicated Pet Bathing 

Has your dog or cat been sprayed by a skunk? Maybe your pet has skin issues or fleas, and you are looking for a medicated bathing option that can help. In any of these situations medicated pet bathing at the vet may be something to consider. Our practice provides several medicated bath options to target everyday issues with skin and fur. 

Nail Trims 

Nail trimming is a crucial part of animal grooming if you have a domestic cat or dog. Canine claws can continue to grow until they are so long that the paws are at risk of injury. Cat claws can be trimmed to prevent scratching and furniture damage caused by long and sharp claws. Trimming a pet’s claws should be done by an experienced professional to prevent injury in the process.

Cat and Dog Grooming Port St. Lucie

Anal Gland Expression 

Anal gland expression is especially important for some breeds. This simple procedure can ensure your pet is not prone to issues that affect the anal glands, such as infections and inflammation. 

Specialty Pet Hair Care 

From pet hair trimming in the summer months to pet styling, we offer a number of services to keep your pet’s fur looking and feeling good. Some dog breeds need trims in the summer to keep them cool, for example. And, pet fur maintenance that involves thinning and de-matting may be necessary on occasion. 

From Pet Grooming to Pet Hair Trimming, We Can Help 

Cat and dog grooming necessities can fall by the wayside when you’re pressed for time, but we can help you make sure your pet gets the best of care. If you are interested in our pet grooming services in Port St. Lucie, FL, be sure to reach out to Guardian Veterinary Medical Center for an appointment.

Cat and Dog Grooming Port St. Lucie