Cat and Dog Boarding Port St. Lucie: Give Your Pet a Safe Place to Stay

Whether you simply have to be gone for most of the day or you’re heading out on vacation, our cat and dog boarding in Port St. Lucie offers safe and comfortable accommodations. We like to think of our pet boarding facility as a luxury pet resort with all the extras to keep companion animals happy while their owners are away. We’re happy to give dogs and cats a safe place to stay at Guardian Veterinary Medical Center.

Comfortable, Clean Pet Accommodations 

At our pet boarding facility, your pet’s comfort and happiness during their stay is our top priority. Our pet lodging is designed to be comfortable and clean with spacious quarters, comfortable bedding, and even carpet in some areas. Each suite is private and securely closed to keep your pet safe. 

Outdoor Play Area and Walks 

We have an on-site play area for dogs to enjoy during the day that is equipped with artificial turf specifically for canines and a wading pool. If you have a social animal that loves to play with other animals, your pet gets to take advantage of the pet daycare play area with other dogs.

Each stay automatically means your animal gets an hour of free time daily for play in the enclosed play yard where they will also have access to the pool.

However, if you want your doggie to get even more social time, you can pay an additional $5 for each extra hour.

Cat and Dog Boarding Port St. Lucie

Professional Grooming Available 

Does your dog need a nail trim or a seasonal haircut? Maybe your kitty needs to have a claw trim while in our pet boarding facility for care. In any case, you can schedule our cat and dog grooming services for your pet so they can be taken care of during their stay. We have on-site groomers available to make sure your beloved companion gets top-quality services. 

Canine Penthouses or Villas and Luxury Cat Condos 

Choose from two different suites for canines: the canine villa for larger dogs or the canine penthouse for smaller dogs. Cats get to enjoy their stay in one of our luxury cat condos that have a bi-level design and a window to look through for entertainment. Each suite is private, but we can combine two conjoined suites if you want to give your pet more room or have two pets that simply prefer to be together. 

Additional Services at Our Pet Care Facility 

Does your pet need daily medication? Did you forget to bring food? We offer daily medication management for pets that need it and in-house food provided during the pet’s stay if needed for an additional fee. We do always recommend that you bring your pet’s favorite food and treats, so your pet doesn’t have a diet change while they’re away.

Things to Know Before Bringing Your Dog or Cat for Animal Boarding 

Before we allow pets to stay at our cat and dog boarding facility, we do a pre-stay evaluation to make sure your pet is a good fit. This evaluation allows us to meet and greet your pet, but also to discuss any special care needs or concerns you may have.

The goal is to make sure your pet is as comfortable and unstressed as possible during their stay at our pet hotel. Other pointers to keep in mind include: 

  • Be sure to let us know about any health or medical conditions
  • Bring your pet’s favorite food and treats for their stay 
  • Favorite toys and comfort items are welcome 
  • If your pet needs medical care, our pet hospital is right next door!

Cat and Dog Boarding Port St. Lucie

Are you looking for pet daycare or a place for your pet to stay for a few days? Contact our veterinarian in Port St. Lucie for information about our pet boarding services.